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Jury FAQs
How was my name selected for jury duty?

The list of names is created by combining the county’s voter registration list and Pennsylvania Licensed Driver records. Names are randomly selected from that master list for possible service as a juror.


Will I be automatically excused from jury service because of my profession?
Monroe County tries civil and criminal cases, both of which require juries. The random selection process prevents you from knowing in advance what trial or even what type of trial for which you’ve been selected. If when you get to a courtroom the judge excuses you, you’ve fulfilled your obligation for jury service. The Jury staff cannot excuse you as a potential juror because of your profession.


I am unable to judge because of my moral or religious beliefs. May I be excused?

Pennsylvania law does not provide for an excuse from jury service for moral or religious beliefs. You are still required to appear for jury service. When you get to a courtroom, the judge will make that decision.

Who is eligible to serve?

Anyone 18 years of age or older who is a United States citizen and a resident of Monroe County and who has not been convicted of a crime punishable by imprisonment for more than one year and has not been granted a pardon or amnesty.


Is there an exemption due to my age?

PA law does not exclude people over 18 due to their age. However, the 43rd Judicial District is liberal with excusing senior citizens over 75 upon written request.


Will I be paid for serving as a juror?

Yes, $9 per day for the first three days and $25 per day thereafter, plus 17 cents a mile for transportation to and from the courthouse. These fees are set by the state legislature.

Can my employer fire me for performing jury service?

No, the law prohibits any employer from preventing an employee from serving as a juror. The law also prohibits an employer from depriving a juror of benefits because of jury service, such as requiring you to use vacation time to serve.

Is my employer required to pay me while I serve as a juror?

Employers are not required by law to compensate you while serving on jury duty. Please check to see if your employer has a policy regarding juror compensation.

Do you provide childcare while serving as a juror?

No. Jurors are expected to arrange for childcare during their term of jury service. It is impossible to predict when you will be dismissed. Therefore, please make appropriate arrangements prior to coming to jury selection.


What happens if a person ignores a summons or fails to report for jury service?

A jury summons is a court order. Any juror who fails to appear when summoned may be fined and/or imprisoned for contempt of court.

Where do I park when reporting for jury duty?

Free parking is available in the Monroe County Parking Garage located on North Sixth Street, one block from the Courthouse.

Parking for Jurors usually begins on level 3 of the parking garage.

If you arrive at the Monroe County Parking Garage after it has reached capacity, you will be given a parking permit and map of the immediate area around the Courthouse where you can park with that permit.  Please make sure that your permit and map are visible on your dashboard through your windshield.  PLEASE NOTE THIS PERMIT DOES NOT ALLOW YOU TO PARK IN AREAS OTHER THAN THOSE DESIGNATED IN GREEN ON THE MAP OR TO PARK ILLEGALLY.  DO NOT park in private lots, permit only residential areas or block driveways, alleys, loading zones or fire lanes. Parking in any of these areas is prohibited and may cause your vehicle to be ticketed, booted or towed at your own expense.
What should I wear to jury service?

Jurors should dress comfortably, but properly for a courthouse. Business casual attire is appropriate. Shorts and tank tops are not permitted as well as any shirt with offensive messages.

Will I have to go through any security measures when I enter the Courthouse?
Yes. Everyone entering the Courthouse is subject to a security search and will be required to pass through a metal detector.
What should I bring when I report?

You should bring a photo ID and the summons that contains your name and barcode. The jury process can require a juror to wait a considerable amount of time. For this reason you should bring reading material to pass the time while waiting, but local newspapers are not permitted.

Will we take a break for lunch?

Yes, the judges usually break for lunch around 12:00pm. There are a large variety of restaurants within blocks of the courthouse.

How long will I serve?

Jury selection is generally accomplished in one day. Jury trials are of varying lengths and you will be told on jury selection day approximately how long each trial will last.

Are accommodations available if I have a disability?

The Courthouse is accessible for special accommodations. Please call the Jury Management office at 570-517-3009 at least 1 week prior to appearance to arrange for special accommodations or visit our website at to fill out the request form.

What if I have an emergency on the day that I am to report?

Please call the Jury Management Office, as soon as possible, at 570-517-3009 and leave a message.


What happens if there is inclement weather on the day I am required to report?

Please listen to announcements on local radio station WSBG FM 93.5 or TV stations WBRE channel 28, WYOU channel 22, WNEP channel 16 and local cable channel 13. You can also call the Monroe County’s inclement weather hotline at 570-517-3411 or visit our website at

What if I have a prepaid trip or doctor’s appointment scheduled for that day?

If for any reason you feel that you cannot attend jury service you must provide, in writing, your reason for excusal. You must attach any travel information, notes from your physician or any other pertinent information.

What common court terms should I be aware of?

Legal concepts and court terms can be complex. The infographic below highlights a few of these important court terms or visit to see our full legal glossary.