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This site is designed to list out any information that is released to the media on a case per case basis. Any questions or comments regarding information on our Media Portal can be directed to Renee L. Dancer, Court Administrator, (570) 517-3009.

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SelectedEstate of CHUN HSIEN MICHAEL Deng vs PI DELTA PSI Fraternity INC
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Estate of CHUN HSIEN MICHAEL Deng vs PI DELTA PSI Fraternity INC

This page was established to provide information on the case of Estate of CHUN HSIEN Michael Deng vs. PI DELTA PSI Faternity INC.  filed in Monroe County, Pennsylvania. Updates will be provided by the Court Administrator's Office as they occur. All calls received by the Monroe County Court requesting information on the this case will result in being referred to this web page.

12-03-2015 Original Papers.pdf12-03-2015 Original Papers12/3/2015
12-03-2015 Docket 2560CR 2015.pdf12-03-2015 Docket 2560CR 201512/3/2015
12-03-2015 Docket 2561CR 2015.pdf12-03-2015 Docket 2561CR 201512/3/2015
12-03-2015 Docket 2562CR 2015.pdf12-03-2015 Docket 2562CR 201512/3/2015
12-04-2015 Docket 2571CR 2015.pdf12-04-2015 Docket 2571CR 201512/4/2015
12-04-2015 Docket 2578CR 2015.pdf12-04-2015 Docket 2578CR 201512/4/2015
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