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Please Be Advised: All persons entering the Courthouse must do so through the new building entrance on Monroe Street.
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Jury Services

The right to a trial by jury is guaranteed by the United States and Pennsylvania Constitutions. The effectiveness of the jury system depends upon citizens' willingness to serve, as well as jurors' ability to be fair and impartial while deciding the facts and applying the law. While jury service may sometimes be inconvenient, it is an extremely important civic duty. Without citizens willing to serve as jurors, the judicial system would come to a standstill. Many jurors find the experience to be interesting, educational and rewarding

Duty of Every Citizen

The service you will be performing as jurors in this Court is the cornerstone of our judicial system. It is a vital duty of every citizen, an absolute essential to our form of democratic society. Without it, our system of justice could be ruled by oppression or engulfed in anarchy. Fulfilling your obligation as a juror insures your fellow citizens of a fair decision regarding their property rights, or their life and liberty.

The process of selecting jurors for this term of Court began several months ago when a computer system randomly chose your name from Voter and Driver's License lists in Monroe County.

For many of you, serving as a juror is an inconvenience and a sacrifice. However, the success of the jury system depends upon your willingness to serve. Your contribution is important, not only to the community, but also to you personally since our form of society is only as strong as its system of justice. Your participation as a juror will leave you with firsthand knowledge of the judicial branch of government. You will find most trials extremely interesting and will feel gratified to have taken part in a real-life experience of great significance to your fellow man. You should take pride in helping to preserve and strengthen our system of justice.


Contact Information

Court of Common Pleas 

Jury Services
43rd Judicial Court 
610 Monroe Street Suite 221 
Stroudsburg PA 18360

Phone: (570) 517-3001
Fax: (570) 517-3866

Hours: 8:30am-4:30pm

Monday - Friday 
Closed all major holidays

Jury Selection Dates

  • Tuesday, June 4, 2024
  • Tuesday, June 18, 2024


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